Sunday, January 18, 2009

Some Thoughts on Movie Making and Other Jobs...

Movie making (maybe a lot like all jobs to a degree) is a fluky mix of craft, art, luck, commerce and merchantry. What does it take to make it? Certainly talent, appetite, obsession, drive and, then too, you need to be a salesman - a vendor who convinces people to hand over capital anticipating a speculative return based on conjective visualization; page to screen to ticket sales. I do not know how many try versus how many succeed but I figure that most who do (either one - fall short or pull it off) have the same qualities -- some are appealing, some not so much. The mordant part is the notion that if you "make it" it will have been worth it - but if you don't - you have failed. Or worse, if you do not even try you are somehow found to be lacking. If there is anything we learn in watching (as opposed to making) movies, it's the lessons they teach us in their romance; that we each in our own way lay legitimate claim to stature that is not diminished one iota if ours is to end up sine die a journeyman, going to work, doing a good job at whatever task is assigned, addressing the successes, the set backs, the breaks, the bummers and rising to the occasion of day to day.

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