Monday, January 19, 2009

a major, major moment

This is a revolution, not economic, not ideological, but no less significant. This is a spiritual revolution, a non-violent transfer of spiritual power, from the most powerful, the oligarchy, the elites, the barons, to the people, to African Americans, to progressive people, to woman, to students, to teachers, to working people. Our joy is real, and to be taken seriously and cherished. We will see brutal times ahead, we will see disappointment with Barack, there will be plenty to critique. But VE day was real, it was joyous. The inauguration of Obama could be a world-historical event. Not theoretically, but in the faces on the mall. We have lived through so much agony politically, so many disappointments, tragedies, defeats, wars. Not this time, a world leader has emerged from the United States. Incredible.

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