Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Germain Joins Grateful Dead

AP Photo (Germain on Left standing next to bassist, Phil Lesh). FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 01/06/09:

The Grateful Dead have announced that former reinsurance executive. Steve Germain, will be doing back up vocals for the band starting immediately. When asked how he came to join the band, Steve said it started with a letter he wrote to the NY Times quoting the Dead's lyric from their classic hit Uncle John's Band. Bob "Ace" Weir has recently been unhappy with the performance of his investment portfolio and was looking for a new investment advisor when he came across Steve's letter. Weir, Lesh and drummer Billy "Pig Pen" Kreutzmann spent a weekend with Germain at the Post Ranch Inn at Big Sur listening to music and talking about alternative investment strategies. They decided to join forces: Steve views their partnership as a 50/50 sharing arrangement adding: "our philosophy is that we can share what we got of yours because we done shared all of mine". Weir added, "we are partners in the truest sense, we can share the women, we can share the wine - we are not possessive types". Germain concluded his remarks commenting that he regrets that he will no longer be attending Ramada Inn sponsored "accounting for insurance" seminars but stated, "I will get by, I will survive." From now on Steve will be using his stage name, Casey Jones.

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