Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sierpinski Pyramid and The Matrix

What we have learned; the plumbing of blogs: if you saw the movie "The Matrix" that basically gives you the idea. The first step is to establish a site - your own personal allotment of real estate in Zion. Its free (though if you want to buy waterfront property (meaning your own domain) e.g. first name, last you can go that route for $10 per month which gets paid to some sort of cyber landlord I guess. I went with (free). You pick a name...

(I called mine Rough Fractals (I chose the name having just recently learned what they are (in fact I had never heard of them before and I liked the psychological bent - naturally recurring amarinthe patterns in nature that repeat endlessly no matter what degree of magnification is applied - for example a snow flake - each unique flake (all flakes are unique) has the exact same pattern as does each piece of the flake - there are many other examples and intricacies and a fractal subset called the Sierpinski Pyramid that seems interesting (though way beyond my ken)...(see below)

...and you pick a template (you can customize and select from various options) etc etc etc. Then you hit "save" and boom - you can toggle from the recliner in your tv room to Matrix at will. The next part is actually pretty cool - it takes about 20 days for Google and other "web crawlers" to find you - when they do all of a sudden you pop up in google. You can get statistics from a site called feedburner that tells you how many hits and visits you have in any 24 hour period. It does seem to have a kind of organic growth to it, if you feed it new content it grows, if you leave it dormant it withers. You can also download photos and videos (your own and from the internet) and link to anywhere else in the Matrix.

The unfathomable Matrix is a cryptic boulevard...

Waclaw Sierpinski (1882-1969) was a professor at Lvov and Warsaw. He was one of the most influential mathematicians of his time in Poland and had a worldwide reputation. In fact, one of the moon's craters is named after him.

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