Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Random thoughts

It is interesting to remember the arguments against Barack from the Fox Newsies. The Bill Ayres stuff, the Reverend Wright stuff, the socialist stuff, the terrorist connections, the secret Muslim, the naive novice, the elitist. None of it stuck. And to see the outpouring of joy, inspriration, and respect for Barack across the world, and here, puts the perveyors of these arguments so far in the wilderness as to be totally irrelevent. Sean Hannity is no where to be found. Obama has trumped all the petty political bullshit and said "I have the people with me", the normal arguments, the old stuff might truly be meaningless. He is saying we have real problems, that need to be analyzed, understood, scientifically addressed. We need to pull together and dig our way out of this, and we need the everyone on board. What is the argument against that. "Let's cut taxes, stop abortion, and not do stem cell research." The entire right wing machine is in deep trouble. There will be new effective republicans who address the problems from another perspective, but the knee jerk, he is not one of us, he is dangerous, big governemnt is bad, the market cures all, government heath care is a recipe for disaster, don't talk to Iran, or anyone we don't like, sounds like a joke. All those philosophical tenants basically brought down this economy, and you have to be an idiot not to see that. Amazing turn of events. The thing to worry about is foreign policy. It will be very hard to get out of Iraq without setbacks, to deal with Iran, to deal with Guantonomo, etc. On the domestic front, he has a giant mandate. Anyway, George Bush is not the president anymore.

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