Thursday, May 28, 2009

World Turned Upside Down

The reaction to the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor's for the Supreme Court by a certain class of white men, led by Limbaugh, Buchanan, Gingrich, and Beck is bordering on the insane. The basic notion is this: if you nominate an Hispanic Woman, it has to be a racist affirmative action pick, but if you have a Supreme Court made of all white men, it is the natural order. The bitter, pathetic, whining of the older white Republican men is a sad, but ultimately positive development. The defection of young people, and Hispanic people away from the Republican Party is an indisputable trend. This howling about Sotomayor is only going to speed it. The idea that playing to a shrinking base, rural white men, is the way to re-build a party is not a sound strategy. The explanation may be: Limbaugh only needs this demographic to get great ratings; twenty percent of the population is a huge audience for a talk show host. Gingrich wants to be in the spotlight, and he could be a major presidential hopeful if he can win over the Republican base. Buchanan is a white supremacist, plain and simple and always has been. Beck is a clown. But they do have an audience. Barack Obama appointed a qualified, dignified, judge to the Supreme Court, and these white men are quaking and shaking, their world turned upside down.


  1. I have tuned it all out to spare myself but I was under the impression that the cabal of assholes are no so much saying that she has been selected because of what they call reverse racism (aff. action) rather that she is herself a reverse racist because of her pro minority rights rulings. She is their worst nigtmare - seems like a great pick to me - can have areally long term progressive influence on court decsions for years to come. Its like Obama said "Go ahead -ride me for saying I want someone with empathy one more time - make my day" and then they did and he appointed her. He is the Dirty Harry of presidents.

  2. I think the cabal's criticism of Sotomayor is not so much that she benefited from what they call reverse racism (aff. action). I think their claim is that she herself is a reverse racist by virtue of her rulings on minority rights. (I seriously question the entire concept of so called reverse racism but do not want to go into that right now) The Supreme Court will be hearing one of those cases soon (the firefighters case) which presents a very interesting set of facts and Rough Fractals looks forward to seeing how that ruling plays out. (While there are significant and important race undertones to the case - it is on the surface primarily not about race - but rather about the "reasonableness" of actions taken by a municipality to avoid potential liability resulting from service exams that were arguably biased.



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