Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Re reading Geza Roheim

As I have despaired over the political culture, the business culture, the artistic culture we find ourselves wallowing in, I looked back to Roheim for insight. For him, there is a root cause for the difficult, near impossible task of making civilizations:

"Civilization originates in delayed infancy and its function is security. It is a huge network of more or less successful attempts to protect mankind against the danger of object-loss, the colossal efforts made by a baby who is afraid of being left alone in the dark."


  1. Same is true of corporations: white collar workers sucking the mother teat. It leads to exactly what has happened, a total focus on personal compensation that skews honest long term growth and risk analysis in favor of short term sucking. "Bring Money" is the cry of civilization, corporately and culturally.

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