Monday, May 18, 2009

An Important Correction...

The other day I posted here an apology for honking at the person in front me on who refused to turn right on red. I apologized because I took a defensive driving class (cost $50 and insurance reduction over 3 years = $400 - that is a Warren Buffet return on investment) and Arthur, the instructor (think Lawrence Fishbourne), said in class that right on red is discretionary which kind of jogged my inaccurate memory of this event and I thought, "Wow I was in the wrong - that person did not have to turn right and I can't really apologize but its good to admit mistakes so post an apology on line as a sign of we all can learn from our mistakes and be more tolerant of people and remember we may be wrong so do not get mean and grouchy and don't be honking horns - be happy instead or, as my T shirt says, "wag more - bark less". Well today I drove by the same intersection and guess what - it is not a red light but rather a green arrow. In other words, it's a red light at which people stop BUT (and this is the DILIO) the red light then turns to a fucking green arrow. So when I was honking I did so because the stupid-rat-bastard-unconscious-asshole in front of me was essentially not moving at a green light which is ridiculous, dangerous, stupid, pathetic, insulting to good drivers and deserving of not only honking but extreme honking you stupid son of a bitch! (Never mind that after my honking episode the person rolled down their window and yelled at me "Leave earlier if you are in such a rush." To which I responded, yelling over my wife who was in the passenger seat, "It was a green arrow". To which the offending-non moving-at-a-green-arrow-unconscious-grease-sucking-weasel gave me the finger and told me to "Go fuck yourself, asshole". And to think I apologised yesterday because I thought I was in the wrong. There is something terribly wrong with me.

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