Friday, June 12, 2009

Ven and The Art of Work.

At first I did not think this ven diagram was all that interesting but as I stared at it and thought about the individual circles and the overlap points I changed my mind about it and think its a pretty good summary of what is a kind of unconscious process of the way people think about work, that is, starting with the notion of doing something you get paid for, wanting to do that and doing it well and then taking that to the next level which is learning to do what you do better. The learn to say no part sort of threw me but I can see how that's an important part of doing anything. 

Anyway, the hooray part where all of the elements intersect (the "Ven"), where you are doing what you want to do well and are getting paid to do it, makes sense to me. The question is how do you know what you like to do? If you have never tasted chocolate ice cream how do you know if you like it or are good at eating it? 

Take something that I am pretty good at for example -  collating and stapling.  You probably do not think you either like doing that or are any good at it. But you never know,  if you were well paid to collate and staple you  might find you like it and if you like it you might be darn good at it especially when the view of midtown from, say, the 53rd floor of whatever building your are in, is amazing. In my opinion a lot of white  collar workers in big buildings are doing just that. I think another thing they like about it is that they are only actually working about 3 of the 5 days they are in the office. 

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