Monday, June 29, 2009

The Beauty That Still Remains...

"At such moments I don't think about all the misery, but about the beauty that still remains. This is where Mother and I differ greatly. Her advice in the face of melancholy is: 'Think about all the suffering in the world and be thankful you're not part of it.' My advice is: 'Go outside, to the country, enjoy the sun and all nature has to offer. Go outside and try to recapture the happiness within yourself; think of all the beauty in yourself and in everything around you and be happy.'

I don't think Mother's advice can be right, because what are you supposed to do if you become part of the suffering? You'd be completely lost. On the contrary, beauty remains, even in misfortune. If you just look for it, you discover more and more happiness and regain your balance. A person's who's happy will make others happy; a person who has courage and faith will never die in misery!"

-- Anne Frank, The Diary of Anne Frank, March 6, 1944

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  1. A powerful testimony to the love of God sustaining a person, though He is not made a part of her quote. Suffering is integral to life and it cannot be erased. Nevertheless, there is joy in living through the suffering although often not experienced within the limits of our humanity.

  2. amazing.......she would have been very influencial......she still is



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