Sunday, June 21, 2009

Iran, Obama, McCain

For eight years, as Bush demonized Iran, including them in the famous Axis of Evil, reactionary, fundamentalist, Mullahs held sway with out too much visible opposition. It can be lost on no one except the knee-jerk jerks looking for any way to attack Obama, that the President's respectful appeal to the Muslim world, and his willingness to allow that Iran might have its own legitimate interests, may have helped spark this moment in Iran. There can be no way of knowing, but the facts are that during previous eight years there had been nothing like the current Iranian uprising, and now, there is a major, vocal and seemingly fearless opposition. This may end terribly, or may be the beginning of a new Iran, but the idea that the President should irresponsibly ratchet up the rhetoric is dangerous, ignorant and heartless. Unless you advocate invading Iran on behalf of an opposition not asking for you, caution and letting the events play out with careful comments is the only way to go. Obama is so sophisticated on the international stage; it is heartening that he is not taking the bait. Even George Will, in a moment of lucidity argued against heating up the language. That McCain is willing to be a vocal critique of Obama with such a wrongheaded position really makes one happy that he is not calling the shots.

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  1. McCain is pretty much alone on this one -- thinks he is gettng out ahead, jumps in with his bulshit maccho man crap. Same thng when he suspended his campaign that time and even picking Palin - he is an example of someone whose gut reaction is always wrong. That os why he was not elected - he scares people. Even Pat Buchanan today said Obama has handled Iran "perfectly". On this one his only supporter is Monica Crowley ( a peculiar individual). I think over time Obama will judged on the merits. Just as Bush has been.



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