Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hush The Hurt...

I found the paragraph below posted anonymously on a blog site for writers helping writers and it struck me as an intimate and beautiful (to me) statement of loss, regret, guilt, forgiveness and friendship - a love letter. I am not at all sure what it's about (except the different possibilities one conjures up reading between the lines) but somehow I imagined that the author cried when he (or she) wrote it....

"You are kind. I have been trying to be your muse and all along you have been mine ten times more - and not just about getting some writing juices flowing in me but to help me actually think better and maybe start over... But listen - here's the thing, we see in each other who we are and who we want to be - you are the great admitter of truth and the one with the warrior strength. And to be able to share with you and talk to you about my daughter, the young, sad, lovely girl - my zephyr, whose unceasing sway is the aeonian bullet I cannot stop but you see it and probably at some level seek to stand in the line of fire as if that might hush the hurt in you too. So, yeah, maybe as we keep carpentering away (at who we are) we kind of work together well on that because I loved my daughter more than I love myself and maybe when she was trying her best I said just one thing wrong and if I could try again and maybe say the right thing to you I will forgive myself (or at least pretend what could have been). And maybe you saw that in my face (or disposition) and you want to have someone try hard to say the right thing to you on your terms and/or forgive when I don't (or at least pretend what could have been)."

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  1. Beautiful. I wish we knew who the author was. Maybe they'll see this and claim it.



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