Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Fatal Flaw In The System

I may have to move to an isolated island somewhere - I cannot stand even thinking about politics and politicians anymore. The fact that Cuomo would use the threat of releasing the names of the AIG bonus recipients as a way to pressure them to return the money is repulsive to me. It is using the coercive power of the state to accomplish his desired end (exactly apposite to the very core of the Constitution which, at its heart, is built on due process). The fact that no one - not senators, not congressmen, not the President, not even opinion makers has stood up loudly against Cuomo's' threats is really troubling to me. Those bonuses may have been wrong (I personally doubt it - I think they were needed to keep people working there most of whom were not the cause of the problems at all) but no one decided to actually look into the facts - I guess facts don't matter when the mob rules. No one - not left or right -has seen this debacle for what it is: evidence of how petty and small minded human beings are - especially human beings in positions of power. We the people are eggs smashing against the brick wall of our politicians' exercise of their authority. I do believe in our system but have realized it has one fatal flaw that it cannot overcome - it is run by humans beings.

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