Monday, February 2, 2009

How Many Megaparsecs Does It Take To Make A Supertree?

The blog "rough fractals" aspires to provide an apt description of living things and the Universe at large, although in each case, the fractal description breaks down on the very small scale and on the very large. Trees or arteries do not branch endlessly, and whole trees are not part of supertrees.The opposite may be true for the distribution of galaxies in the Universe. Counts of galaxies yield undisputed evidence that at comparatively small scales the distribution is fractal. These small scales are known to extend at least as far as 5 to 10 megaparsecs. There is increasingly strong evidence that there are large voids at a size well above 100 megaparsecs. Such voids are precisely what is expected in a fractal distribution.

How important is the blog "rough fractals"? As with the theory of chaos, it is too early to say for sure, but the prospects are not unfavourable. Many blogs (indivudually and collectively (eg fractally) have had an important cultural impact and have already been accepted as works of a new form of art. Some are representational while others are totally unreal and abstract. It must come as a surprise to both mathematicians and artists to see this kind of cultural interaction.

A final satisfying spin-off from the rough fractal blog is the hope that it may provide at least a sense for the beauty and eloquence of the inner life of the psyche, art and literature, and their profound relationship with the real world of psychology, math, science, culture and politics.

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