Monday, February 2, 2009


I am already getting tired of trying to bring the Republican's into the fold. If the economy recovers, the dems will be in power for a while, if it does not, they will start to cede power. Why not roll the dice on the most progressive plan possible. Who cares what Mitch McConnell or John Boener think. They have been booted out of power because they were incompetent. Its is amazing that they suddendly have so much credibility. Move on!


  1. I think the House plan was passed in its current form because the dems know it will not make it without compromise. Rarely in a negotiation does someone not ask for more than they want and put in things they can easily take out - its the give and take of the process. Its too soon to be tired - stamina Comrade!

  2. Yes, the bill is not perfect, but I would just find it amusing that the guys who drove us off the cliff are now the credible opposition. Personally, I think if you asked all people making over 250K a year if they would be ok with 2% tax hike to save the country from bankruptcy, pay for improved schools, clean energy, health care reform, a majority would say yes.


    i am not alone in this thinking



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