Saturday, February 12, 2011

Undercover Boss/ Prince and the Pauper

There is a show on TV that I stumbled upon not too long ago called Undercover Boss.

Imagine that for the last 20 years or so you have been treated with high esteem by people at work. Due to your position of power and status, self esteem insinuated itself into your sense of self and other's perceptions of you. You are a Prince. Now imagine that you trade places - starting all over - a beginner, a guy on the assembly line. Rather than assume you have something important to contribute or are entitled to attention for, you are, for the most part, considered less so. Now what you say or do at work is an opportunity for someone to explain to you what you do not know (even if in fact you do). Any assertiveness on your part is met with a luke warm and politely dismissive reception. Your ability, talent and ambition is under recognized. You are a Pauper.

Undercover Boss is a Prince and the Pauper experience come to life and poses the question about how one's stature in an organization's hierarchy (rather than substance) may contribute to the patina that makes someone "top brass"?


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