Sunday, February 27, 2011

Let Us Now Praise Famous Men - Chester

What people did not know about Chester was that he had a kind of affliction. It may have developed in-utero or maybe it came even earlier - was in his DNA through the generations. Or he may have learned it over time.

You see Chester knew early on and understood in his marrow a logic that on a bad day could conclude that oblivion, under certain circumstances, might be preferable to the alternative; he accepted that 99% of life is something we have no control over, none whatsoever. As someone once said, "life is an accumulation of flukes" so rather than living life like a big spender on a run, Chester preferred to live small because to him small was not only meaningful - it was sacred. Chester knew that any other approach would have eaten him alive. And even though his life was getting smaller and smaller his heart was getting bigger and bigger - that was good enough for Chester.

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