Monday, November 22, 2010

"Assumptions" - A Game To Play After Thanksgiving Dinner.

Divide yourselves into 2 (or more) groups so that groups can work separately and compare results.

Scientists have discovered an uninhabited planet in another galaxy called Futura, whose environment is the same as earth's. The U.S. has just completed a spaceship that can travel to Futura but it can only hold 7 people. The Earth is about to explode and will be destroyed (same as Superman's planet Krypton was once destroyed) and human civilization will end. The space ship to Futura must take off in 15 minutes. There are 13 people at the spaceship launch site and you must decide which 7 will be selected to start the human race again. All you know about the 13 people is the following:

1. Scientist, female, 47 years old.
2. Hispanic peasant, female, four months pregnant.
3. African American male, third year medical student.
4. White female, prostitute, 27 years old, a communist.
5. White male, homosexual, Olympic athlete, 24 years old.
6. White biology professor, 67 years old.
7. Rabbi, 27 years old.
8. White female, on public assistance, 28 years old, has been arrested for several felonies, has never been employed.
9. Female homemaker, 24 years old, white, has cerebral palsy.
10. Korean child, male, 8 years old.
11. White male, moderately retarded due to lack of oxygen at birth, 33 years old.
12. White female, elementary school teacher, 27 years old, has genital herpes.
13. 28 year old white farmer, has had a vasectomy.

Explain and defend your choices (both who you selected and why and who you rejected and why).

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