Saturday, May 22, 2010

am i missing something?

I have been a supporter of Obama and his administration. I have understood his effort to be effective and strike a centrist balance in his major reform agendas. Although I have been troubled by the traditional nature of his foreign policy, I do not think there are easy answers to the Iraq or Afghanistan situations, or to the threat of terrorism. But I cannot understand his inaction in the Gulf. Why not mobilize the Army Corp of Engineers, why not send every possible resource there. Something is very wrong. Can someone explain why this is still in the hands of BP? Is the problem so beyond our control that the mobilized resources of the Defense Department, which spends many hundreds of billions a year, has no clue what to do? Unless I am missing something, this is not an acceptable federal response. And it seems like it is too late now. We are watching a tragedy.


  1. Maybe even the Army Corp of Engineers does not how to fix this possibly criminally negligent caused blow out one mile deep.

  2. The expertise for deep water drilling does not reside in the Defense Department nor anywhere else in the Federal government. The Government cannot do everything, nor should we expect them to.

    As painful as this mess is, BP or some other company with oil drilling expertise will be the ones that eventually will fix it.

  3. What should we expect the feral government to do if not to marshall diverse resources from the private and public sectors to make sure everything is being done that can be to deal with this disaster (and to let the people know what is going on and what is being done)? I assume BP is doing everything they can at this point to come up with a solution but a little reassurance from someone other than the people who caused the mess in the first place would be nice. The silence is deafening - it feels like one of those asteriod-headed-to -earth movies where the government does not tell people what is going on In order to prevent panic.



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