Wednesday, April 21, 2010

American Idol

Rough Fractals has been enthusiastically following this season for the first time. Half way through here is our take and prediction of the field:

Crystal Bowersox will win, Lee Deweeze (sp?) will be runner up. I think they are both fantastic but Crystal is even more than that - she is (in my opinion) a real talent. I think this experience is radically changing her and not all that change is for the good. Tuesday night Sully (the Hudson River Landing airplane pilot) was in the audience. What the hell was he doing there? He is a Hero - not an Idol (and his personal willingness to play the part only up to a point and no further was what was so compelling about his post landing stance). The fact that he was in the Idol audience having to smile at (and be congratulated by) Ryan Seacrest (who by any measure is not even on the same scale as Sully) was jarring. Crystal is about to crash through the time space worm hole and I fear for her safety. The good news (?) is that her Dad can soon quit his job (exactly what he should not do - the guy is shell shocked). Lee D. on the other hand has less of a roller coaster in his future and I think will find the ride easier. Siobhan will get a job in Off-Broadway musicals. The rest of them have had their life time peak experience and are about to have "major bummer" tattooed on their frontal cortexes.

Here was Crystal's Tuesday performance. (If, like me, you are a sucker for emotion, watch to the end)...

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