Saturday, January 30, 2010

Proud of a Friend - Haiti...

Rough Fractals' friend, the Doctor, sent us the following report from Haiti where he arrived yesterday...

"If being out of your comfort zone is a good thing than I am golden. It is a Mash unit here with US Navy helicopters ferrying in patients and unbelievable stories of hardship, injury and death. The little hospital is primitive and overwhelmed. I am a little out of practice doing the type of medicine I am seeing. Lots of amputations and postoperative wound infections. There is a team of 4 pediatricians that are leaving tomorrow, being replaced by myself and one Peds ER nurse. Hope she's a good one with a sense of humor. At the moment this is the best hospital in the country and it is tiny and poorly equipped. The Haitians are lovely, they bathe and feed the injured. They give of their meager rations and care for complete strangers. This is the poorest place I have ever seen."

Not to bring something extraneous into this (I think it is enough to just be proud of a friend) but I wonder what Al Qaeda or any of the people who have come to believe that the West represents pure evil make of the response to the tragedy in Haiti. Do they notice? What do they make of such an outpouring of compassion? Do they not see it, do they not believe it? Do any believers question the myopic views and lessons of hate they are being taught in light of the evidence?

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