Saturday, January 23, 2010

God numbers each one of our tears...

I received this note from an anonymous friend who has a kid struggling with addiction. Like so many, she wonders how did she get here and where will it lead. I know her (my friend) pretty well and am certain that she will stay the course. Her son has taught her the value of that ...

"I am so sad to tell you all that, after 9 months, my 17 year old son is no longer in Rehab. He left yesterday after struggling since the holidays. In recent weeks, he just has been unwilling or unable to comply with the program. I believe the staff has done everything they could to help him, but as we all know, we just cannot make the choices for our children. So they asked him to leave.

This time in Rehab has not been a failure— our son has grown and learned and matured, and takes away with him a great deal that I hope will help him in the years to come. And I have learned so much in the time he has been there, that will equip me to face the future with this child. I am grateful for that, too.

This is all so sad for me as his parent and I feel this loss very keenly. Another loss in years of losses. But God numbers each one of our tears. And despite this setback, I feel that I am still a part of a community, united with other parents who are going through these very difficult experiences with our children. I will continue to share what I have learned, in the hopes that it will support and encourage others, as other parents have supported and encouraged me.

My self sustaining mantra is: hang in there, stay the course, never give up hope."

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