Saturday, December 3, 2011

Song Of The Week - Miike Snow - Black and Blue

Below is a video with lyrics of a  song I like by the band, Miike Snow, (spelled with two ii's) called Black and Blue. I cannot  figure out what it  is about so have given it my own highly subjective interpretation...

There is a saying that captures the insidious nature of the disease of alcoholism:  "the longer you are sober, the closer you are to your next drink.". The notion being that the disease is powerful and patient. Put another way, "while the alcoholic stays clean, the disease is doing push ups" waiting for the "all clear" chance to relapse. Insidious.  That is what I think this song may be about. But if it is a better title might  be something like "The Sleeping Tiger". I do not know what black and blue refers to.


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