Saturday, April 9, 2011

Letting Grow.

A hat tip to the unsophisticated who more often than not get it right...

Letting Grow…
Letting Grow is allowing others to have a bad experience so that they can learn from it.
Letting Grow is refraining from negative comments even when I see a mistake being made.
Letting Grow is listening more than reacting.
Letting Grow is withholding my advice and opinions.
Letting Grow is permitting the other person to identify his own problems.
Letting Grow is giving the other person the dignity of finding his own solutions.
Letting Grow is refusing to be someone else’s safety net so they will learn to weave their own.
Letting Grow is choosing not to manipulate the outcome for someone else.
Letting Grow is refusing to be drawn into another’s problem by anger, guilt, manipulation or any other ruse.
Letting Grow is allowing the other person to have some discomfort.
Letting Grow is learning new skills and vocabulary, to be practiced again and again.
Letting Grow is a loving decision, to be made thousands of times over.
Letting Grow will never be finished.
- Fran M.

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