Sunday, July 11, 2010

When Humans Ruled The Earth...

A timely and creative video about the time When Humans Ruled The Earth by Stephen Ong. (Best viewed in full screen).

When Humans Ruled the Earth from Stephen Ong on Vimeo.


  1. Let's be realistic. The earth is powerful and resilient. If we treat it with caring respect, we'll make it long as there's not too many of us to overwhelm the earth's capacity to sustain us.

    Although, isn't that what wars, famines and disease are lessen the numbers of us and set back, if only for a bit, the 'progress' that pressures Mother earth?

  2. Time will tell... my own guess is that the human species will do more irreparable damage to itself than it will to the earth. The advancement of technology and the desire to inflict harm seem over the last few hundred years to be converging. You know those cartons about nuts who walk around in robes with signs that say "the end is near" - I do not define " the end" as extinction but more like severe self inflicted species wide limitation due to self destructive excess and I do not define "near" as anytime soon but eventually... Although I have always had fears that humans were dangerously self destructive I was convinced by 9/11. The planet will eventually be fine without us.



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