Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pass Health Care Reform

The key to understanding the politics of health care reform is to observe the Republican desperation in trying to stop it. Today, Eric Cantor was predicting a Democratic electoral debacle if reform is "rammed" through. If so, he should be chomping at the bit for the Dems to pass a bill. He should be like Clint Eastwood: "Make my day, pass the bill". But he knows somewhere deep that the American people will support the insurance reforms. Smart Republicans know that if Obama passes health care reform he will be seen as a major president, achieving something many others have tried and failed to do. Republicans fear health care reform for political reasons, and are going to the mat to stop it. It is not just ideology that is driving them. From DeMint and his Waterloo analogy on, the right has understood that serious health care reform, passed by this president, will solidify his mandate and marginalize them even further. Republicans have been brilliant at throwing everything they have to demonize the bill. They have played every angle and so confused their supporters with crap that the cry "keep your government hands off my Medicare" makes perfect sense. Democrats need to pass meaningful reform, and let the political chips fall where they may. My guess is that they will be playing the winning hand by doing the right thing.

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