Monday, September 14, 2009

Mavis Staples, The Band, Joss Stone

Here are two videos/songs featuring Mavis Staples. About the first, Spencer Tweedy, a 13 year old who is treading on some pretty precocious waters (see Spencer Tweedy's Blog) wrote: "One of the best songs ever written or performed, in my book. Literally gave me shivers when Mavis sang." I know what he means. (hat tip to A.B. for the lead to Spencer).

Following that is a Joss Stone/ Mavis Staples version of "Help Me" (or the name of the song may be "Take Me There" - I am not sure). I must be on a precocious theme because I think Joss Stone fits that bill.

PS. Mavis Staples began her career in 1950. She had her first hit in 1957 the year she graduated from high school.

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