Friday, August 21, 2009

reality check

Millions of Americans are convinced that government is their enemy. How ironic that it is now the right taking up that mantle. In the sixties things were very different. The left believed that the government, the agency of domination for monopoly capitalism, was inherently repressive and imperialistic. Armed struggle, revolution, resistance were all on the table. Forty years later, the left seems to be hoping that the government, in the person of Barak Obama, and a majority of Democrats in the house and senate, is going to act in the interest of working people, poor people, world peace, a healthy environment, and take on corporate interests seriously and decisively. And as the limits of the Democratic Party to do just that are glaringly revealed, all the hand wringing is silly in the broader historical context. We need to be honest. The Democratic Party, while more progressive in important ways than the Republican Party, takes major contributions from all the corporate interests involved in both the health care debate, and the banking rescue debate, and is beholden to those interests. To be surprised is naive, to struggle and advocate for true reform is certainly legitimate and to be encouraged.


  1. I agree generally with your comments.

    The problem with government and our trust in it become suspect when it grows ao large, so pervasive that we lose our liberties and must dig taxes from our pockets to support it.

    For the past couple of decades federal, and in many case state, spending has spiraled out of control. Many of us no longer trust a government that digs itself deeper into debt by promising more than it can deliver efectively.

    We are becoming pawns in a political/partisan game that promises a dismal future. This is what is really at the core of the Tea Party movement.

  2. Dave, I'd be interested in your reaction if I changed just five words in your comment:

    In your first paragraph;

    1) change the word "government" to "big business".

    2) change the word "liberties" to "choice".

    3) delete the word taxes.

    In the second paragraph;

    1) change the word "spending" to "costs".

    2) change the word "government" to "out of control for profit service delivery system".



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