Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Quote of The Week

Rough Fractals will be going acoustic for 2 - 3 weeks - still playing but unplugged. One of the principals is finalizing a thesis, the other finalizing a movie and the other pretending to work for a few weeks in Guatemala where he will not have ready access to his computer. Accordingly, the posts will be lite.

We wish all the Rough Fractals mishbrucha a happy Pesach. If you find any sub prime afikomen that you want to remove from your balance sheet - we suggest you sell it back to your Seder leader under the same loan terms as being offered under the Geithner plan. "Leverage the Matzoh!" If we can collectively accumulate enough afikomen we can start a hedge fund and sell matzoh brie particpations to the public. The no-load fund is served with applesauce - for a slight fee you can have sour cream. Just remember FASB has changed the rules - it's no longer "mark to market" for this night it's "mark to matzoh".

Speaking of Passover, it is sort of wierd to wonder what Bernie Madoff is doing this year? Do they serve unleavened bread in jail? Ending the Seder with "next year in Jerusalem" while facing life in prison does not make much sense. Ironic (?) that tonight most Jews celebrate hard and long sought freedom while Madoff contemplates his own opposite. Not that anyone will be asking at his prison Seder (if there is one?), but the four questions should be easy for him - Manish tana halilah hazeh - Why is this night different from all others?

So -- Rough Fractals is signing off for a bit (except for the maybe few posts that may show up over then next few weeks) and leaves you with the following quote from David Foster Wallace:

"... our endless and impossible journey toward home is in fact our home ... imagine [Kafka's] art as a kind of door. To envision us readers coming up and pounding on this door, pounding and pounding, not just wanting admission but needing it, we don't know what it is but we can feel it, this total desperation to enter, pounding and pushing and kicking, etc. That, finally, the door opens ... and it opens outward: we've been inside what we wanted all along."


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